4 Good Things You Can Do For Your Son By Sending Him To An All-Boys High School

Posted on: 22 April 2021

Boys need discipline, guidance, and challenges to meet as they grow. When boys have everything they need, they'll be able to grow into strong and capable men. Parents can meet their sons' educational, social, and spiritual needs by sending them to the right schools. Here are four great things you can do for your son by sending him to an all-boy private Catholic high school:

1. Keep your son on the Christian path.

Adolescence is a time of great change, not only physically but also mentally. Teenagers are at an age where they have a desire to test the ideas and boundaries they were raised with. This leads many teens to question their faith. Spending their adolescence in a secular institution can cause young men to fall away from their faith. However, a good Catholic school can encourage boys in their faith, meeting their questions with satisfying answers. An all-boy Catholic high school can bolster your child's faith and keep them from turning to a secular life of atheism.

2. Help your son develop healthy friendships.

Making friends is good for people of all ages. Friendships can provide boys with a sense of emotional support as they go through adolescence. In a single-sex environment, boys will be free to befriend each other without feeling the need to posture for girls' attention. Without teenage girls to distract them, young men can instead focus on developing healthy and strong relationships with boys their own age. These healthy friendships can teach boys important skills like emotional maturity, helpfulness, and loyalty.

3. Provide your son with challenges.

Teens who aren't regularly challenged are likely to grow bored and get into mischief. Your son will find many healthy challenges at an all-boy private high school. Tough classes will challenge even the smartest child, pushing him to rise to the occasion by studying diligently. Sports and outdoor games will provide boys with physical challenges that will help them spend their excess energy. Overcoming challenges during their teenage years will teach boys the type of persistence that will pay off in their adult lives.

4. Give your son a safe environment in which to grow.

The world is full of temptations for a young man. Popular media is full of sex and violence, and the prevalence of these things can alter a young man's perception of what is good. An all-boy Catholic school will shelter young men in a safe, moral environment. Boys will get to learn what the Bible says about moral conduct instead of internalizing harmful messages from the world.

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