The Ins And Outs Of Sending Your Child To A Faith-Based Private School

Posted on: 6 April 2017

A great benefit of today's educational system is that you have more options that ever before when it comes to the school you send your child to. If you hold faith as an important aspect of your household, it may be great for you to send your child to a private religious school. Make sure that you follow these guidelines and use them in order to think practically when it comes to selecting the best school for your child's educational opportunities. 

#1: Know The Advantages of Private School

Regardless of your child's age, private school can be excellent way to help them get the educational opportunities they deserve. There are a lot of reasons that parents are opting for private school over public school in this day and age. Smaller class sizes are a huge reason that parents are beginning to opt for private school. They understand that small classes mean more one-on-one time with teachers. This way, your child has less of a chance of getting left behind on material, and teachers will know your kid on a more personal basis. Private schools also tend to also be safer and have far greater parental involvement.

#2: Start Looking Around At Private Religious Schools

Now that you understand a bit about private schools, it is important to research schools in your area that align with your faith. Touch base with the schools to look into formal tours. You should be able to speak with teachers and learn all about the academic programs they offer. The sooner you get on a waiting list for one of these schools, the better opportunity you will have to enroll your child. Be sure to also specifically ask about the school's religious philosophies to make sure that it jibes with your faith and beliefs.

#3: Keep Tuition In Mind

The largest difference between private school and public school is that you would need to account for money matters. On average, a private elementary school costs approximately $8000 per year in tuition. Make sure to speak with the admissions office about different pricing packages and financial aid options to make sure you can afford the school. You will also need to account for materials such as books and school uniforms. Account for these issues so that your child can relax into a school year with tuition cared for.

Follow these three tips when looking to send your child to a religious private school. To learn more, contact a private school like St Anne Catholic School.